15 May 19

VW importer Pon invests in MaaS app and bike leasing

Ponooc, the investment fund of Dutch VW importer Pon, has invested in Tranzer, a MaaS app. Ponooc has also become majority shareholder of Swapfiets, the booming Dutch bicycle subscription company.


Tranzer is an app that offers travellers the possibility to plan their trips with public transport, taxi or bike. It also includes a payment option. The app, which was launched three years ago, already has 100,000 users across Europe.

Earlier this year, Pon introduced its own MaaS app, Huub.

The investment will help Tranzer to expand into new markets at a faster pace.


According to Sprout, a Dutch news website, Ponooc has also taken a majority share in Swapfiets, a company that provides bicycle subscriptions or leases - depending on your preferred terminology.

In a reaction to Sprout, co-founder Steven Uitenhuis cites expansion plans as a reason to sell a majority stake in his company. Reportedly, the investment is not needed to buy the actual bicycles, as these are financed by banks.

Today, Swapfiets is active in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


Pon is the Dutch Volkswagen importer, founded by Ben Pon, the man who drew the first sketch for a Volkswagen van. The Pon Holdings now distribute Volkswagen Group vehicles in the Netherlands, operate several dealerships and also own various bicycle manufacturers like Gazelle.

Image: Swapfiets bicycle in Maastricht, with its distinctive blue front tyre.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck