31 May 17

Final 15 selected for ALD Startup Challenge

No less than 63 startups from 20 different countries signed up for ALD's first International Startup Challenge, launched on March 6. Each of the companies presented its innovative product or service, related to the theme of the Challenge: 'Digital Parking'.

A jury has now selected a final group of 15 candidates, each of whom will be assigned a local mentor, in order to further elaborate their proposals. Until June 6, ALD employees worldwide can voice their preference for any of the selected candidates. The next step is a Grand Final on 30 June in Paris.

The eventual winner gets to roll out their product or service within one of ALD's 42 markets, to which end ALD provides them with a budget of €20,000. The selected companies include

  • Mobypark: an app connects motorists with third parties offering parking spaces, and allows them to reserve and pay for parking.
  • YazamTec: sensors are used to navigate motorists directly to available parking spaces. 

Image: ALD 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs