15 Apr 20

Dianin starts up leasing subsidiary for Russia’s Sollers Auto

Sergey Dianin (pictured), a veteran of the Russian vehicle leasing industy, has been appointed CEO of Sollers Transport Solutions, the new leasing subsidiary of Sollers Auto Group, one of Russia’s leading automotive companies. 

“My role as CEO of Sollers Transport Solutions is to start up the business of mid- and long-term leasing of commercial vehicles, to develop car-as-a-service and fleet-as-a-service products, to develop offers for commercial vehicles by subscription, and other mobility and ‘smart usership’ products and services for commercial vehicles,” Mr Dianin says. 

Well respected
Sergey Dianin is a well-known and well-respected figure in the Russian vehicle leasing industry, with wide experience in the sector. 

Following a career working in marketing and sales for the Russian divisions of several multinational companies (including Schweppes and GlaxoSmithKline), Mr Dianin in 2005 became General Manager of Arval’s newly-launched Russian subsidiary. 

He fulfilled that role until 2012. Simultaneously, Mr Dianin was the Russian representative of the Corporate Vehicle Observatory (current name: Arval Mobility Observatory). 

From late 2012 until mid-2018, Mr Dianin was Managing Director of LeasePlan Russia – as well as Member of the Board of Directors for LeasePlan’s subsidiary in neighbouring Poland. For the last year of his tenure at LeasePlan, he also was the Chairman of the Full-Service Leasing section of the Association of European Businesses in Russia. 

Independent expert
Subsequently, Mr Dianin divided his time and energy between the role of CEO for SberAutopark, a startup project by Sberbank Group delivering fleet solutions, full-service operational leasing and car-as-a-service to Corporate, SME and individuals; and a role as independent expert and consultant in operational leasing, fleet management and mobility solutions in Russia. 

As the CEO of Sollers Transport Solutions, Mr Dianin will manage the newly-created company’s strategy and tactics, build and develop its business processes, create a digital leasing/mobility platform, and build relationships with banks and other partners. 

Ownership to usership
Sollers Auto Group is one of Russia’s major OEMs, producing local brands of passenger cars and LCVs as well as global brands (including Ford, SsangYong and Mazda). These vehicles are widely used in corporate fleets, especially in the postal and logistics industry. 

“As everywhere else, the automotive and fleet business in Russia is experiencing a trend away from ownership towards usership, the growing penetration of connected cars and telematics technology, growing servitisation (i.e. ‘outcome-as-a-service’ solutions) and growing promotion of road safety,” comments Mr Dianin. “Perhaps the only global trend that has not yet reached Russia, is EVs.”

Authored by: Frank Jacobs