5 Aug 21

45% of corporates plan to introduce micro-mobility as part of their Comp & Ben policy by 2023

In response to the clear and growing need for flexible mobility among today’s employees, it has become key for corporate HR specialists to integrate a wider range of smart mobility solutions into compensation and benefits packages. As both supply and demand continue to accelerate, we will see a shift towards mobility alternatives, such as micro-mobility, as part of an increasingly hybrid working model.

Micro-mobility refers to the use of electronic scooters and bikes to travel shorter distances around cities, often to or from another mode of transportation (bus, train, or car).

A June 2021 survey by the Smart Mobility Institute in collaboration with Dutch media Fleet&Mobility revealed that almost 90% of the approximately 50 corporates surveyed have already integrated e-mobility into their strategy. Carsharing solutions rank a distant second (integrated by 45%), with carpooling solutions and public transport in third place (integrated by close to 41% of the participants).

To be clear, carsharing refers to the practice of sharing a car for regular or incidental travel whereas carpooling refers to the activity of a group travelling together in a car.

The results are much more evenly balanced with respect to the respondents’ predicted implementations over the next three years: 45% of corporates expect to offer their employees micro-mobility solutions such as an e-bike, similarly 45% predict they will provide a mobility budget, and 36% envisage a bike-sharing programme.

On the supply side, almost 62% of the mobility providers surveyed already offer carsharing, while nearly 53% offer e-mobility and 47% offer carpooling management. Over the next three years, we can expect to see more services being offered by mobility providers in relation to the mobility budget (according to 41% of the respondents), public transport (according to 32%) and carsharing (according to 26%).

The survey was developed with the aim of helping corporate HR and Comp & Ben specialists, mobility end customers and the supply chain to keep pace with the ongoing rise in demand for smart mobility solutions. Download the full survey.

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Author: Saskia Harreman