1 Oct 21

Download the Smart Mobility Institute E-Paper 'Employee Choice; Car or Mobility'

Like salary, mobility has always been part of compensation and benefits (Comp & Ben), even though until recently it was almost entirely car-centric. Now, the world of corporate mobility is evolving.

Businesses are under increasing pressure to become more agile – and this has only been amplified by the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are also facing changing demands from their workforce, who want an employer who is both innovative and pro sustainability. In parallel, technological advancements in digital booking and management applications are accelerating the shift towards ‘smart corporate mobility’.

Discover the Smart Mobility Institute E-Paper to understand how Corporate Mobility plays a key role in your Comp & Ben package! You'll find the E-Paper in the Fleet Europe Knowledge Center

This E-Paper is based on the discussions and the outcome of the Smart Mobility Institute session, called 'Employee Choice: Company Car or Corporate Mobility', that took place on16 September 2021. This best-practicesharing and learning session was sponsored by Fleet Logistics, Free Now for Business and Sixt.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs