14 Sep 21

How to make the best budget out of mobility? Join the Smart Mobility Institute on 16 September

The mobility ecosystem is changing as corporate fleet managers have to come up with a decision fast. Car-centric mobility is fading away swiftly, forcing fleet and mobility managers to think of sustainable mobility solutions to make the best compensation & benefits plan for their employees. Without smart mobility, fleet and mobility managers can't create cost-effectiveness and a successful CSR strategy. 

And that's where the Smart Mobility Institute steps in. This best practice sharing initiative of Fleet Europe focuses on the transformation from Fleet to Mobility. Each session gathers experts to discuss the newest trends and developments in mobility, provide answers to fleet managers' problems and show a path to smart corporate mobility. 

The next session will be organised virtually this Thursday 16 September from 2:00 to 5:00pm CET and will be zooming in on the question: Employee choice, car or mobility? 

What is on the agenda?

The Smart Mobility Institute session will start with a case study presentation of BDO Belgium. Wim Galbusera, HR Director, and Megan Stuckens, Fleet & Mobility Coordinator, will unravel what they are doing at BDO and how mobility is a fundamental pillar in their compensation & benefits strategy.

Following the case study by BDO Belgium, three partners of this Smart Mobility Institute session will gather to discuss the needs and expectations of corporate mobility. 

Fleet Logistics, Sixt and Free Now for Business will take on three vital topics about corporate mobility and share their opinions and expertise on business travel, mobility budget and the role of visibility & flexibility in corporate mobility.

The Smart Mobility Institute will end with a debate on powering the value of corporate mobility as a benefit from the eyes of fleet managers and their partners. 

Don't miss this chance to discover new mobility solutions, learn from experiences and share ideas with experts from the fleet industry.

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen