5 Sep 22

The key to attracting Gen Z employees

Gen Z professionals are now entering the workforce, and they are definitely shaking things up. For them, what matters most in their career is a well balanced working environment – a meaningful job at a company that makes a difference in terms of its societal views and its environmental approach.

Also known as the ‘iGeneration’, these professionals are the first ‘digital natives’: they have never known a world without smartphones and tablets. According to EU research, they are the best-educated and most diverse generation in terms of their backgrounds and origins. Key dominators are flexibility, inclusivity and personality. Needless to say, they expect the same from the corporate mobility solutions offered by employers.

So how does your company score when it comes to attractive employer ship, vitality and reducing CO2 emissions? And how do you contribute to better mobility and livability in your region?

The Smart Mobility Institute helps you to answer these questions in a way that appeals to Gen Z. Find out more in our digital session‘About and with inspirational pioneers in sustainable and smart mobility’. on 15 September from 1 to 4:30 pm CEST. 

Accelerate your mobility development with our online programme featuring:

Gen Z wants options
Gen Z or the zapping generation, which swears by immediacy and simplicity with a very pronounced ecological conscience, is in demand of a mobility in its image and imposes it on the employers' world. This mobility is however very different depending on the geographical area. Overview of the situation!
With Aurelien Cottet, Mobility-as-a-Service Expert and International Sales Director at Instant System

Hop on and off
Delivering easy and flexible solutions through a one-stop shop for multimodal mobility from a single source. 
With Kristof Hecht, Senior Executive Manager Global Innovations & Solutions, Sixt

Together we are more than business!
HR manager, Vivienne Bonebakker shines a light on BearingsPoints' people centricity project and how they attract Gen Z talents with a holistic, flexible and easy to work with mobility. Our people and our way of working is what makes us different! And so does our brand-new mobility concept.
With Vivienne Bonebakker, HR manager, BearingPoint

Workshop: Manage flexible mobility for your employees
Give your employees an individual mobility budget for them to spend as they choose, whether daily, weekly or monthly, on private trips or commuting. A collaborative break-out session about the mobility budget and what it takes to ensure flexibility, comfort and enjoyment.
With Daniela Rocha Almeida, Employee Benefits Team Lead, FREE NOW for Business

Why should you attend?

  • Enhance your knowledge of smart mobility solutions 
  • Benefit from the lessons learned by the industry frontrunners
  • Learn how to successfully implement a diversified and inclusive corporate mobility approach.

Gen Z wants options

The Smart Mobility Institute gives you insight into multimodal mobility solutions
15 September from 1:00 – 4:30 pm CEST

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Authored by: Saskia Harreman