5 Nov 21

Learn how to benefit from Corporate Mobility at Fleet Europe Summit 2021

The Fleet Europe Summit is back ‘live’ on 9 and 10 November at The Square in Brussels, Belgium. Join us, discover the programme and register now.

Our fleet and mobility industry has never before experienced such a fast transformation. A transformation driven by trends in digitisation, electrification, and Working From Home, and accelerated by events like the pandemic and the current semiconductor chip shortage.

Are you ready for change, and do you want to build tomorrow?

This year’s Summit will be centred around the following themes:

  1. Post-pandemic fleet management: How to navigate and innovate your fleet and mobility programme after the pandemic
  2. Sustainability: How to design the carbon zero fleet that fits your corporate goals
  3. Innovation & Technology: How Data and Connectivity smarten your Fleet & Mobility Programme
  4. Corporate Mobility: How to transcend fleet management with Mobility as a Benefit

Trends in the compensation and benefits ecosystem are evolving in parallel with those in the corporate fleet and mobility world. When asked – in our Global Fleet Survey 2021 – about the main reason to implement corporate mobility, fleet managers responded ‘Sustainability’. This implies that fleet professionals expect mobility to replace the company car, or at leas several car trips.

So, the expectations are high, but there seems to be a challenge: 52% of the fleet managers is considering implementing a mobility budget, but hasn’t done anything yet, and for 25% it’s a no-go today.

Corporate mobility needs to become better, easier, and more usable. Learn how to grasp the benefits from the transition from Fleet to Mobility by attending our Executive Panel on Corporate Moblity.

'How to transcend fleet management with Mobility as a Benefit' - 10 November from 1:20 to 1:50 pm CET at the Fleet Europe Summit in Brussels

Panel discussion with:

  • Georges Gilkinet, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Mobility (pictured left)
  • Karen van den Boom, Senior Vice President and CEO Benelux, Sixt (pictured at the centre)
  • Alain Visser, Chief Executive Officer, Lynk & Co (pictured rightt)

Don't miss it, register now and join the session!

Authored by: Steven Schoefs