17 Nov 22

Marc Wittenberg of EY is the 2022 European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year

The 2022 European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year is Marc WITTENBERG, Global Procurement Manager Automotive Mobility at EY. His award was presented by Michael POGLITSCH, Managing Director at Mobinck.

The European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award is about excellence in a strategy that goes beyond the vehicle fleet programme, and addresses the complete employee community with an offering of alternative and innovative mobility modes next to the company car. The result is a programme that leads to a more efficient employee mobility, in terms of cost, time and carbon footprint and supports the wellbeing of the employees.

The jury was impressed by Mr WITTENBERG’s successful development of a forward-looking strategy called ‘Sustainability, the new premium - The courage to lead with innovative mobility solutions’.

Today the global EY fleet has an average CO2 emission of 94g/km. The target is to reduce carbon emissions by 2025 with 35% compared to EY's baseline 2019, while at the same time evolving towards a mobility policy. At the moment, Mr WITTENBERG and his company EY have already included public transport and two-wheel mobility in different countries, and a mobility app in the Netherlands, as ingredients of their smart mobility programme.

Mr WITTENBERG manages a fleet of close to 9,300 vehicles worldwide, of which more than 8,500 in Europe.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs