4 May 20

Reduce your car fleet by 30%? Try Mobility Tech Green’s solution for free!

What if your corporate fleet could offer the same level of mobility with 30% fewer vehicles? This would significantly reduce your cost – not to mention your carbon footprint. Mobility Tech Green has the corporate car-sharing solution that can do it. You can now try it for free.

Who is Mobility Tech Green? 

Mobility Tech Green is a global leader in the B2B car-sharing market, aiming its services specifically at corporate and institutional fleets. Those services are offered via the e-Colibri solution, which is used to manage fleets for Orange, Enedis, La Poste, among many other clients.

What is e-Colibri? 

e-Colibri is a B2B Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform that consists of equipment embedded in the vehicles, which is connected to the booking front office and is also accessible via mobile app. It helps companies and local authorities optimise their business travels, enabling them to reduce their fleet by up to 30% while providing the same level of mobility. 

How does it work?

The e-Colibri platform has been enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI). This provides:

  • Decision-making tools to determine the most appropriate vehicle (EV, hybrid, ICE) and the most appropriate mode (car-sharing, car-pooling, e-bicycle, etc.) for each trip.
  • Predictive data on weather, air quality, traffic disruptions and other factors influencing transport choice.

Why is this special?

Mobility Tech Green’s has won a CES 2020 award for its e-Colibri platform, for two main reasons: it is compatible with all communication standards; and its approach is entirely user-centric. It works even with weak network service and is multimodal in its approach (managing car-sharing, car-pooling, e-bicycles and e-scooters). It integrates all vehicles within a fleet, allowing them to be locked and unlocked remotely via badge or smartphone.

And it is free, you said?

As part of Mobility Tech Green’s freemium offer, companies with more than 10 vehicles can use the e-Colibri software for free, as a diagnostic tool to optimise their TCO and minimise their CO2 footprint. During three months, the e-Colibri platform will collect and analyse fleet usage data and suggest ways to optimise – in terms of motorisation (EV, hybrid, ICE), mode (car-sharing, car-pooling, etc.) and size (number of vehicles). 

Where do I learn more? 

For more information on Mobility Tech Green’s views on corporate car-sharing and to get in touch with them, check out their car-sharing blog or go to their website