28 Feb 19

SIXT launches comprehensive MaaS app

SIXT has launched the world's first comprehensive Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, offering rental (SIXT rent), carsharing (SIXT share) and taxi/ride hailing (SIXT ride) services to its 20 million customers in one app. 

The three offers include all SIXT offers for individual mobility in the areas of car rental, car sharing and travel services. Via SIXT's ONE platform, the app also integrates partner services in ridehailing and taxi services, without users having to leave the app.

Global provider
SIXT hopes its expanded offer will enable it to benefit from the growth on the mobility services market, projected by PwC to grow to almost €400 billion by 2030 in Europe alone.

By digitising its worldwide product portfolio and integrating partner products and services, SIXT is transforming into a global provider of individual mobility. The company already boasts 240,000 vehicles, 1,500 partners and 1 million customers around the world. The app's integrated, digitised and broader product range is expected to attract additional new customers to SIXT's car rental core business.   

SIXT rent
SIXT is the first rental company in Europe to digitise its entire rental process. The app becomes a digital counter. Up to 30 minutes before the start of their rental period, SIXT customers can digitally select their vehicles, go straight to the parking lot and open the car - all via the app. 

This service is already available Germany's main airports and will be expanded in the course of 2019 to other airports in Europe and the U.S., as well as selected rail station in major urban areas. Sixt is also planning to expand its network of more than 2,200 rental stations worldwide with digital stations.  

SIXT share
SIXT is launching its car sharing offer SIXT share, offering its customers the flexibility to find a car via the app for any period from just a few minutes up to 27 days – and to leave them either at SIXT's more than 2,200 stations worldwide, or in predefined areas of operation. 

Unlike other operators, SIXT networks its fleet, which can thus be deployed for both rental and car sharing – effectively removing the barrier between both options, and providing customers with more flexibility. A pricing system based on Artificial Intelligence ensures the customer always gets the lowest possible rate. 

SIXT ride
SIXT's comprehensive range of taxi, transport and transfer services, offered via the app and in cooperation with more than 1,500 partners worldwide, provides access to more than 1 million drivers worldwide. With its affiliate offerings, the SIXT ride provides access to one of the world's largest taxi services and ride hailing networks – all booked and paid for via the app. SIXT ride covers pickups in less than 10 minutes in more than 250 major cities in Europe and the U.S., and allows advance bookings in 500 cities in over 60 countries worldwide. 

Specific attention is given to business customers through the integration with corporate payment solution AirPlus, and with interfaces to company travel portals such as Cytric, KDS, Onesto and Concur. The taxi and ride hailing market is slated for major growth. According to Goldman Sachs, it could amount to €150 billion as early as in 2023. 

Partner integration
In addition to its own digital offer, SIXT relies on ONE, its integrated, connected platform with reliable partners, to provide all its customers with a comprehensive range of services and services for car rental, car sharing and travel brokerage. 

The platform provides SIXT's partners with fast access to its 20 million customers. This enables SIXT to expand internationally and scale its product portfolio worldwide. Partner integration is already in effect for SIXT ride, where SIXT cooperates with the best partner companies per country. As an example, SIXT just announced a partnership with UK-based premium mobility provider Addison Lee, whose services in London are henceforth bookable via the SIXT app.

Strategic step
Alexander Sixt (pictured), Chief Strategy Officer of Sixt SE: “As a market leader with approximately 240,000 vehicles worldwide, we have built up a strong customer base. Now, with our new mobility platform ‘One’, we are taking the next strategic step. We are bringing together things that belong together and are combining car rental, car sharing and ride-hailing/taxi into the world’s first and fully integrated mobility platform – not tomorrow, but today.” 

“This presents us with the opportunity of limitless scaling within the growing mobility-services market. By combining the already scaled car rental service with car sharing, Sixt is going beyond the limits of the offers that currently exist. In order to offer people a real alternative to their own car, we have built an open platform and are extending our hand to all providers of modern mobility as well as car manufacturers. The challenges of tomorrow’s mobility demand a partnership-based approach.”

Picture copyright: Sixt SE

Authored by: Steven Schoefs