24 Jun 21

SIXT Mobility Club: where fleet execs design the mobility future

The SIXT Mobility Club was established in 2019 as the first corporate mobility forum of its type for fleet industry executives to network, share information about the challenges that we face, and find solutions for how to overcome. “Ultimately, the goal is to embrace and implement flexible mobility solutions” says Stuart ‘Mobility’ Donnelly, Global Sales Director and mobility advocate at SIXT. 

Stuart, can you tell us a bit more about the SIXT Mobility Club?

“I joined SIXT three years ago to drive change in the fleet industry and to help our great industry move to a more flexible, sustainable and employee-focused world of mobility. In 2019, we launched the SIXT Mobility Club, with the ambition to be the first mobility-focused forum in the fleet industry for executives to network and share information about the challenges that we face and to find solutions for how to overcome them, in order to embrace and implement flexible mobility solutions.”

So, the Mobility Club is a platform where like-minded people can exchange ideas? 

“Yes, exactly! It’s an exclusive Members-Only club, which consists of a group of Fleet and Mobility executives, and where the hot topics of our industry will be discussed. Previously, we combined our physical workshops and networking evenings with other important industry events – and always had a great time, by the way! A few weeks ago, we had our first virtual Mobility Club session during Fleet Europe’s Smart Mobility Conference. It was very fruitful, but we hope to be back and see each other in person soon.”

That Conference was well received, we hear, in no small part thanks to the addition of your Club to the agenda. Which topics did you discuss?

“Together with Paul Hollick, Chairman of the Association of Fleet Professionals; and Nicholas Nelson of EY, I discussed why flexibility in mobility increases corporate efficiencies and employee well-being.”

“Paul highlighted that visibility comes before flexibility, and why new hybrid working policies will lead to lower mileages and increased questions about utilisation, which will drive the change to more flexible mobility. For his part, Nicholas, who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of Business Travellers at EY, told us about how EY have adopted a hybrid working policy. He told us how they recently decided to stop providing company cars in Germany in favour of a range of flexible mobility subscriptions.”

“In short, both emphasized how important it is to add flexible mobility solutions both to your corporate travel and to your fleet strategies. All this, of course, due to the changes in how we work and travel post Covid.”

What is SIXT’s answer to our changing mobility environment?

“SIXT has created a range of fully digital mobility solutions designed to meet the needs of the ‘New Normal’ – the new world of mobility: flexible, but still with central focus on the car. For us, flexible mobility comprises everything from car rental to various forms of sharing, including cars, scooters and bicycles. This can last anywhere from one minute to six months. Included in our offer are formulas like taxi on demand, and pre-book and subscription services. For example our long-term, six-month fleet plans. And Flex, our newest addition, an on-demand subscription product like Netflix or Spotify, for those who don't need or want the same car all the time.”

“For our commercial clients, who are dealing with rising demand of vans and trucks due to the increase in global e-commerce, our answer to their needs is the internationalisation of our strategy across Europe. This is making it easier to add flexibility to their rental van and truck fleets.”

Final question: How can we join the Club?  

“Easy! Just connect with me, Stuart Mobility Donnelly, on LinkedIn. Or shoot me an email at stuart.donnelly@sixt.com. I’m looking forward to connect!”

If you want to know more about the corporate fleet and mobility services of Sixt SE, visit the dedicated corporate website.