14 Jan 21

Smart Mobility Institute: download the e-paper on Working from Home

Working from home is today a reality for most employees. However, it can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Download the e-paper of the Smart Mobility Institute and find out what impact it can have on fleet and mobility management.

Download the e-paper

According to Frost & Sullivan, in the November edition of the Smart Mobility Institute, WFH is going to have a huge impact on fleet and mobility management. Go to the e-paper and find out the 4 conclusions that can help you going forward.

Smart Mobility Institute 2021

The Smart Mobility Institute was created to inspire and inform Fleet, Procurement, HR, Travel, Mobility and Facility Managers.

Also in 2021, the SMI continues to offer corporate fleet and mobility customers best practice sharing and thought leadership on the transformation from Fleet to Mobility.

With a series of 5 Virtual Experience sessions, starting 28 January, the Smart Mobility Institute will be tackling a variety of topics that are on top of the agendas of corporate stakeholders.

28 January – How shared and on-demand mobility support fleet efficiency

In order to stimulate efficiency, corporate decision makers are increasingly seeking solutions to maximise the utilisation rate of their fleet and mobility assets. Shared and on-demand mobility can be the right fit in answering this need.

In this session participants will learn how to include shared and on-demand mobility in their programme and how to benefit from these mobility services.

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4 March – Micro-mobility and e-mobility to reduce your ecological footprint

Reducing the ecological footprint while maximising (last-mile) mobility efficiency. That’s what micro-mobility and e-mobility are all about.

In this session participants will learn how both forms of mobility support the CSR targets of today’s fleet and mobility manager and how to make them work with your employee base.

16 September – Why Flexibility rhymes with Mobility

Making the transition towards smarter mobility means ensuring flexibility. Flexibility regarding modes of transport and flexibility in terms of mobility use and contract duration.

In this session participants will discover the benefits of offering flexible mobility to employees while keeping costs under control.

17 November – Employee profiling, the key for mobility success

Identifying the individual mobility needs of employees and foster a tailor-made mobility scheme are crucial steps in securing a mobility programme that will generate benefits regarding efficiency and user-satisfaction.

In this session participants will learn how to set up a successful employee profiling with the aim to select the right corporate mobility solutions. 

8 December – Establishing a winning mobility policy

The transformation from Fleet to Mobility comes with change on different levels. Change in stakeholder engagement, change in processes, and change in policy. And change can generate resistance. A winning mobility policy encounters possible reluctance.

In this session participants will learn how to build a corporate mobility policy that goes beyond the company car, and responds to the needs of all internal stakeholders.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck