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3 Oct 19

Start-up of the Year: the race has begun

Today the Fleet Europe jury will make the first selection for the 2019 Smart Mobility Start-Up Awards. By the end of the day, we will know which 12 start-ups make it to the final in Estoril at the Fleet Europe Summit. 

Most innovative

Each year, the Smart Mobility Start-Up of the Year Award is given to a promising start-up developing innovative products or services in the fleet and mobility industry and showing high potential for growth.

For the fourth year on a row the Fleet Europe jury is gathering to select 12 finalists who will make it to the Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril in November 2019. The most innovative and promising mobility and fleet management start-ups will enter the stage in Estoril to pitch their ideas, network, get to know you and give you a chance to get to know them.

After today it is not only up to the jury, but up to you as well to vote for the Smart Mobility Start-Up 2019. Not only can you vote during your presence at the Summit, but you can start voting as line as wel in a couple of days. 

To give you an idea what it means to become the start-up 2019, take a look at how well last year’s winner Fixico is expanding globally, or how #3 Bestmile is enhancing its product, and how the winner of 2016, WeProov is growing, just to name a few. 

From 40 to 12

This year we received 40 applications from 13 different countries. Out of those applications, 17 were chosen to present themselves to the jury today. 

The jury is headed by Vincent Degives, who in his function of Marketing Manager at Fleet Europe is closely connected to a wide variety of companies active in the fleet industry, both on the demand and the supply side. He will be assisted by the other jury members: Philippe Bismut (Independent consultant, and previous CEO of Arval), Tiziano Della Spina (Marketing Manager of Omoove), Antoine Garrigues (Managing Partner/Co-Founder at Iris Capital), and Sven Van Rossum (Head of Innovation, Nexus Communication).

The 17 who enter the arena today are: 

  • Chargery
  • Shotl
  • Meep
  • Chargetrip
  • Daze Technology
  • Electreon
  • Fleetonomy
  • Car and Away
  • Jedli Smart Charging
  • Nervtech
  • Autofleet
  • Moprim
  • C2A Security
  • Vaigo
  • xMotion technologies
  • Privacy4Car
  • Nauto

By the evening we wil have 12 finalists selected, and soon we open the digital election portal so you can bring out your vote as well. 

Picture: The 2019 Start-up of the Year jury, from left to right: Sven Van Rossum, Philippe Bismut, Vincent Degives and Antoine Garrigues.

Authored by: Fien Van den steen