30 Oct 19

Sven Kunath, Volkswagen Group : "E-mobility is the future"

More and more fleet suppliers are going mobility, often initiated by a combination of customer demand and future business potential. Also the most popular vehicle fleet car manufacturer, Volkswagen Group, is expanding its business with solutions linked to the wider e-mobility ecosystem. Hence, it’s no suprise that Volkswagen Group is the proud sponsor of the European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award. We talked to Sven Kunath, Head of Group Fleet Sales International at Volkswagen Group.

What are the key elements that will drive the transformation from Fleet to Mobility?
“The most important elements are our customers and their demands. They dictate the rhythm of our business and a potential transformation from fleet to mobility. Digitalisation is another important element for a transformation in our business. Digital touchpoints are increasing day by day. On our manufacturer side – not surprisingly – production and sales of electric vehicles and corresponding services are a major element in a changing fleet business. Last but not least: increasing environmental awareness drives the demand for sustainable mobility.”

What impact will the transformation to Mobility have on the company car concept?
“Let me explain it based on the field of environmental awareness and e-mobility: our Group is committed to the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement 2015. As the world’s largest car manufacturer, we have to take a special responsibility in this regard. That’s why our Group made a clear commitment to e-mobility and we are investing heavily in this technology (30 billion till 2023). That’s a game changer for the entire industry. The same is happening at our customers’ fleet.”

How does a car manufacturer like Volkswagen prepare for the Mobility revolution?
“I have mentioned digitalisation before: to create a successful customer centric, digital business model, we are partnering with global software experts like Microsoft and Diconium. We are creating one of the world’s largest automotive ecosystems that links up our customers, cars and dealers – a Volkswagen Group ecosystem. Within this ecosystem, we will introduce many new services like over-the-air updates or functions on demand, that can be booked any time after purchase.”

What are you looking for with the candidates of the Fleet Europe Awards?
“The world of fleet management and mobility is changing. Therefore I would like to see adequate concepts, maybe first experiences out of pilot projects and a holistic strategy for implementation of e-mobility as well as good analysis, insights and measures to implement new mobility concepts.”

The Fleet Europe Awards 2019 are part of the Fleet Europe Summit, that takes place in Estoril on 6 and 7 November. You can find all relevant information about the Summit here. 


Authored by: Steven Schoefs