14 May 20

Video podcast: 10 Minutes with Sampo Hietanen, MaaS Global

In our '10 Minutes with Fleet Europe' video podcast series we interview industry leaders, thought leaders and fleet and mobility experts from the comfort of their own home. Our new guest this week is Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global and founding father of the concept Mobility as a Service (MaaS). 

Discover the “10 Minutes with Sampo Hietanen”, CEO of MaaS Global, about:

  • the impact of COVID-19 on multimodal mobility and MaaS
  • the possible consolidation of the supplier market
  • the restart of MaaS in the New Normal
  • the key steps corporates need to follow when setting up a mobility strategy
  • the future business development plans of MaaS Global

Watch the video on top of this article! And stay tuned for more episodes soon!

And discover here our previous episode with Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD. 

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs