20 Jun 19

PSA trials used-car subscription service

Free2move, the mobility brand of car manufacturer PSA is triallling Car On Demand, a new subscription-based service that gives access to a young used-car vehicle without long-term commitment. The trial is aimed at both individual and corporate users and will initialliy be carried out in France.

The subscription can be stopped at any time, at no charge, with a one month’s notice. Car On Demand is an answer to the growing need for flexibility in mobility. It allows the customer to switch vehicles, adjust their mileage or take a break between two vehicles, according to the customer’s needs. The monthly subscription includes rental, insurance, assistance, maintenance (including tyres) and vehicle registration fees.

How does it work ?
The customer selects a vehicle on the Car On Demand website based on their needs, budget and expected mileage. The vehicle, inspected and certified by Groupe PSA, is delivered within 14 days to the address of their choice.

Copyright: Groupe PSA

Authored by: Steven Schoefs