22 Jun 21

Enterprise joins rural Scotland’s GO-HI MaaS project

Ranald Robertson, Director at HITRANS with the GO-HI app and Enterprise Car Club ca

Enterprise Rent-a-Car has been selected as a partner for Scotland’s city-class, Go-HI MaaS project, officially launched yesterday (June 21st) following a 10-month trial.

The initiative provides residents, tourist and local businesses, throughout rural Highlands and Islands, with car rental through Enterprise Car Club using the GO-HI smartphones app. Additionally, the app provides access to a range of shared transport options, including: buses, trains, taxis, car hire, car clubs, bicycle hire, air travel and ferries.

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The GO-HI app is produced by HITRANS, the regional transport partnership, in association with the Mobilleo MaaS platform.

Keeping Scottish transport clean

Ranald Robertson, Director at HITRANS, commented: “Enterprise is a key partner for this pioneering project. We are striving to improve accessibility for residents and visitors and reduce carbon emissions by encouraging a modal shift from sole occupancy cars to shared cars and public transport alternatives.

“Rental and car clubs form an important part of any sustainable travel mix and Enterprise has the network of branches and vehicles to ensure people have access to a safe, modern and regularly sanitised car when they need one.

Enterprise will ensure hygiene and safety by implementing its Complete Clean Pledge, that it launched in 2020’s, during COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: Ranald Robertson, Director at HITRANS, with GO-HI app and Enterprise Car Club, courtesy of Enterprise

Authored by: Alison Pittaway