27 Sep 22

"Team and products are critical to our global fleet strategy"

How do you build a robust global fleet strategy in e-mobility? We’re pretty sure the next Global Fleet Manager of the Year will have a good answer to that question. Their name will be revealed on 17 November at the 2022 Fleet Europe Awards in Dublin. This particular award is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Here, Sabrina Eickelkamp, Head of International Corporate, Direct & Guard Sales at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, provides her take on this and other questions. 

Following a virtual edition in 2020, the Fleet Europe Summit staged a glorious comeback in Brussels last year. The list of attendees for this year’s event keeps growing, and it looks like Dublin will overshadow Brussels! If you want to know why, have a look at the programme – and then grab one of the remaining tickets.

What’s the top trend in global fleet management today, and how is Mercedes-Benz responding to it?

“Without a doubt, the road towards emission-free mobility is the key trend in our industry. But on top of that, other trends remain relevant for fleet management as well: things like digitalization, seamless customer experience, and flexible mobility solutions.”

“We at Mercedes-Benz work and consult closely with our fleet customers. For example, together with them, we examine their individual fleet’s specific, in terms of fuel cost, vehicle cost, vehicle availability and acquisition, safety, sustainability, and remote fleet data management. And then together, we find effective solutions for customer needs.”

Why is it beneficial for international fleets to set up a global strategy in the fleet?

"In my opinion, a clearly defined global fleet strategy is paramount to achieving effective global fleet management. Now, in order to set up a fleet strategy, it will help to look at your company’s overall strategy.”

“At Mercedes-Benz, for example, we have set up a clear strategy towards carbon neutrality and leadership on in-car software. Our global fleet strategy follows this company strategy with tailor-made solutions for fleet customers on fleet emissions and digital solutions.” 

”All this is done to make life easier for both users and fleet managers, taking into consideration their individual needs and local market conditions. This gives a clear direction to our markets." 

In what way is the Mercedes-Benz organisation responding to the current and future needs of global fleet customers?

"In my opinion, two aspects are relevant: Our team and our products. Our international Corporate Sales team embraces the transformation and supports our global customers via local country managers and International Framework Agreements, where relevant. This translates into solutions tailored to markets and individual customers."

"Our high-quality product range stands for innovation, efficiency, safety and comfort. Our products are the perfect companions for global customers who require a state-of-the-art product and efficient partnership that strategically develops with the current and future times."

"And in terms of e-mobility, we already offer an all-battery solution in every model series from entry-level to top-end, with WLTP ranges up to 654 km in the EQE and 783 km in the EQS. And our line-up will be even more attractive for fleet customers in the future, with great innovations in electrification and digitisation."

What are you looking forward to see in terms of focus elements with the candidates of the Fleet Europe Awards this year? 

"I am curious to find out how far the industry’s transformation and the need for flexible mobility solutions have already found their way into various car policies. For example, how are companies responding to the need to reduce CO2 and save energy? Will TCO remain the main KPI to evaluate and compare the costs of a fleet vehicle, or will it soon be replaced by other KPIs such as the total cost of mobility?"

"So, I’m looking for enthusiastic candidates with smart ideas; with the vision to steer their fleet and mobility strategy toward a sustainability and efficiency."

Image of Sabrina Eickelkamp, Head of International Corporate, Direct & Guard Sales at Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen