15 May 18

Spain: SUVs rise, diesel stops falling

The latest figures from Dataforce show that the Spanish passenger car market is in very good shape – the fourth month of 2018 generated the fourth month of growth. The total market achieved almost 119,000 registrations for April, 12.4% up on April last year. The private and true fleet segments both achieved similar volume growths of 20.1% and 19.1% respectively.

Eight out of top 10 brands in true fleets achieved double-digit growth rates and this created a lot of movement in the ranking. Thanks to very good performances of Polo, Tiguan and additional contributions from the all new T-Roc, Volkswagen regained the lead from Renault while Peugeot stayed in third position. Audi jumped from number eight into fourth position securing the highest growth inside the top 10 with a remarkable 35.2% increase. Toyota stayed 5th, while Mercedes ranked 6th followed by BMW (the only brand to suffer a drop compared to April 2017), SEAT and Opel, while Nissan completed the top 10.

In terms of vehicle segments, a share of 40.6% SUVs scored yet another record in the Spanish true fleet market. The unstoppable rise of SUVs is demonstrated by the fact that there are models of no less than nine different OEMs in the top 10 of SUVs.

Where fuel is concerned, following a constant decline over 2016 and 2017 it now seems that the decline of diesel has eventually stopped. Diesel registrations made up 63.2% of April’s fleet registrations and thus have reached a share that was slightly higher than both in February (62.3%) and March (62.4%) 2018.

Authored by: Tim Harrup