16 Apr 18

Morpheus Cup 2018: the handlebars guide the way

Imagine handlebars with a built-in satnav system, throw in automatic headlights and make everything connected for good measure. That’s the Wink Bar, and it won the mobility & logistics prize at this year’s Morpheus Cup.

Bridging the gap between talents and companies. That was the mission Fabien Amoretti set himself when he started the Morpheus Cup in 2015. It is a prize for students from over 100 university and graduate school campuses who get an opportunity to showcase what they are capable of to future employers.

The 2018 Morpheus Cup was held in the prestigious Palais Brogniart in Paris on 12 April 2018. Around 200 students from all over Europe gathered for a day of networking and pitches.

In the mobility & logistics category, Velco won first prize with their Wink Bar handlebars.

Connected handlebars

Pierre Regnier, Romain Savouré and Johnny Smith, students at Audencia BS, set up the company Velco to launch the Wink Bar, a connected handlebar they have developed. It includes a tracking system so you can easily find your bike when it has been stolen. It also features two very bright LED headlights that double as satnav direction indicators. No need to look at a screen, the lights tell you which way to go.

The jury was impressed. Velco won not only the mobility & logistics category, they also took home the overall bronze prize.

Image: Velco Wink Bar handlebars

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck