5 Mar 18

Dyson hiring 300 for EV project

Dyson is looking to hire 300 staff for its EV project. Best known for developing bagless vacuum cleaners and 'blade'-type hand dryers in public restrooms, the UK tech company aims to build an electric vehicle by 2020. 

The company already has about 400 staff working on its EV project, which was started in secret back in 2015 and announced publicly only last September. The first Dyson EV is likely to be a premium vehicle with a corresponding price tag, aimed primarily at tech enthusiasts in Asia. 

Dyson's EV team will soon move from HQ in the Cotswolds to a new R&D site in Wiltshire. Where the EV will be manufactured has yet to be announced. Most of Dyson's products, although designed in the UK, are manufactured in Malaysia.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs