13 Apr 18

Dutch rail company locates empty seats

Dutch railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has released an app to inform passengers whether a train is crowded or not. New Mobility News reports that travellers can see on their smartphone in which carriage there still are empty seats and which carriages are full. At this moment the app is only operational on the line between Arnhem and Den Bosch.

Thanks to a green, yellow or orange colour code, passengers can easily find out where they’re most likely to find an empty seat. NS discovered that for 30% of all standing passengers there actually is an empty seat but most of them just don’t know where. The app should help filling up carriages properly, although it will take a while to develop the technology on all lines.

NS is using historical data and sensors to measure the weight of the carriages to make predictions about the level of passengers’ occupation.

(Image: pinterest)

Authored by: Tim Harrup