13 Feb 19

Orange and Ze-Watt agreement

Electric car recharging point operator Ze-Watt, specialising in B2B, has announced that it has signed a framework agreement with mobile phone operator Orange for the management of all of Orange’d charging points in France.

Orange currently has 450 such points across the country, which will all be connected so that remote monitoring on usage and electricity consumption is possible. The CO2 emissions from the use of these charge points will also be able to be seen.

With the new agreement, Orange employees will be able to see where charge points are available and reserve them for their upcoming on-site visits. The service will be available to Orange employees with an electric company car or who use one within the framework of car sharing, and to private cars, for which the energy consumption which will be invoiced to the employee concerned.

(Image: ET Telecom)

Authored by: Tim Harrup