2 Sep 21

Antwerp orders 3,000 EV chargers

Antwerp (pictured), Belgium’s second-largest city, has awarded the extension and development of its public EV charging network to TotalEnergies. It’s the largest such order to date in Belgium. 

TotalEnergies will install 3,000 chargers by the end of 2023, including a number of fast chargers (120 kW), to be placed where the need is highest: near taxi ranks or companies with large EV fleets. 

The supply and operation contract runs to 2034 for the standard chargers (22 kW) and to 2038 for the fast ones. All electricity will be green, and provided by TotalEnergies, including from offshore wind farms. 

The chargers will be installed on public terrain, upon request. They can be requested by people who either live or work in Antwerp, and who don’t have a charger of their own, nor one within 250 meters of their home or workplace. 

TotalEnergies already operates Charge.Brussels, a public network in the Belgian capital, as well charging points at service stations in Belgium. It also manages large portfolios in and around Amsterdam, Paris, London and Singapore. The company aims to operate more than 150,000 EV charge points by 2025.  

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Frank Jacobs