5 Jul 21

Brussels Region bans petrol and diesel vehicles by 2035

Passenger cars with petrol or diesel engines will no longer be welcome on the roads of Brussels from 2035. Lorries and buses will get more time to go zero emission.

The government of the Brussels Capital Region, one of the federal entities of Belgium that comprises the capital city with the same name and the larger metropolitan area surrounding it, has decided to ban petrol and diesel-powered passenger cars by 2035.

Passenger cars

  • Diesel and diesel hybrids banned from 2030
  • Petrol, petrol hybrids, LPG and CNG banned from 2035


  • Diesel and diesel hybrids banned from 2033
  • Petrol, petrol hybrids, LPG and CNG banned from 2035

Buses, coaches and lorries

Will need to conform to the strictest emission standards.

The European Commission plans to ban the sale of ICE vehicles by 2035 but the Brussels Region goes a step further by banning all ICE vehicles by that date.

Critics point out that there may not be sufficient supply of affordable zero-emission cars by 2035 and that the public charging infrastructure is far too limited to make the transition a success, which could restrict individual motorised transport to those who can afford it.

Photo: Grand'Place/Grote Markt, Brussels (copyright: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck