14 Jan 21

D’Ieteren is moving people forward with new corporate structure

D’Ieteren, the Belgian Volkswagen Group importer, is overhauling its corporate structure. Henceforth, automotive distribution activities are split off into a new subsidiary, simply known as D’Ieteren. The change is intended to prepare the company for its future ambitions and is also reflected in the new slogan “Moving People Forward”.

Automotive activities of D’Ieteren Group are now carried out by D’Ieteren, a subsidiary on the same level as D’Ieteren Group’s other subsidiaries, Belron (the vehicle glass repair business operating as Carglass in most of Europe), Moleskine (the Italian manufacturer of premium notebooks) and D’Ieteren Immo, the company’s real estate division.

22% market share

D’Ieteren is the Belgian importer and distributor of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and Yamaha. It has a market share of around 22% and in 2019 achieved a turnover of 3.6 billion against an operating profit of €119 million.

The new structure has been introduced in a bid to give the Group the required flexibility and nimbleness to maximise its development trajectory going forward.

“The D’Ieteren name is the central element in our new identity,” said José Fernandez, Chief Customer Experience, Marketing & Digital Officer, “because it carries in it the family heritage that we cherish and are proud of. It’s a legacy of more than two hundred years of changes in mobility in order to meet our customers’ expectations. We have added the ‘Forward’ arrow as a symbol of the company’s pursuit of going forward, of being open to change and of continuous innovation.”

Future ambitions

The company believes mobility should be the driving force for sustainable development for future generations, which is why D’Ieteren has the ambition to be the ‘spontaneous choice’ for mobility in Belgium by 2025.

In order to achieve this goal, D’Ieteren aims to offer a high standard of customer experience and a sustainable product and services portfolio that meets customers’ new mobility habits through its own channels and its partner network.

Denis Gorteman (pictured, right), D’Ieteren CEO, said: “The way we move about is an important challenge in the protection of our planet, which is why D’Ieteren pledges to develop sustainable mobility. As a market leader, we want to take this responsibility and be an example for others.”

By 2025, D’Ieteren’s CO2 emissions related to its activities will have gone down by 50% by introducing more sustainable building management practices but also by introducing a greener mobility policy including electrification, working from home, videoconferencing, etc. Inclusive growth is another important target, as the company believes diversity in terms of sex, origin, age etc. is a source of creativity.

Image copyright: D'Ieteren

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck