21 Sep 20

Umicore: higher salary or electric vehicle

From 2022, Umicore executives in Belgium will only drive electrified cars. A second option will be to go for a higher salary. The new mobility policy is part of Umicore’s vision to set an example in sustainability.

The new mobility policy established by the Compensation & Benefits team at Umicore in 2019 went into force at the start of 2020. As part of this new policy, staff can choose to surrender their company car in return for a higher salary. The idea is this should entice them to choose other means of transport like the train, bus or bike to come into the office.

“Our mobility challenge is to ensure we offer good alternatives to the company car,” said Michael De Meyer, Compensation & Benefits Project Manager. “For the company car itself, we aim for zero grammes of CO2 emissions.”

With that aim in mind, staff can only pick electrified vehicles. In a first phase, that includes plug-in hybrids, but in a later phase, only battery-electric cars will be offered. “It is our ambition to only add fully electric vehicles to our fleet from 2022,” said Mr De Meyer.

Available charging infrastructure is essential to making this strategy a success, which is why Umicore has extended its charging network at Umicore sites. The company also offers charging solutions for the home and for on the road.

The new strategy is part of Umicore’s commitment to sustainability, which the company says is part of its core values.

Image copyright: Umicore

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck