3 May 18

Denmark may reintroduce EV subsidies

In Denmark the government has indicated that it may introduce further financial incentives for drivers to buy electric vehicles following a drop in sales.

As reported by Autovista, the country is a leader in electric vehicle sales, but after tax breaks were phased out, sales dropped by a huge 60% in the first quarter of 2017, while sales were rising in other European markets. From a total of 5,000 registrations in 2015, last year just 700 new EVs were sold. 

Quoted by the website, Danish prime Minister Lokke Rasmussen (photo) said:  “We have tax incentives for electric cars, and you could discuss if they should be bigger. I will not exclude that”. 

Autovista goes on to say that the issue of subsidies for EVs is a thorny one. Currently, the technology is still costly, and to entice buyers, grants, tax breaks and other incentives are needed to make the market competitive with petrol and diesel cars.

Authored by: Tim Harrup