25 Jun 21

MisterGreen enters Denmark

MisterGreen, the Dutch vehicle lessor specialised in Tesla cars, has expanded its activities into Denmark. In so doing, the company is now the first pure EV lease company in the Nordics.

By 2022, MisterGreen wants to have a fleet of 300 Teslas in Denmark. Within five years, it wants to represent more than 10% of Tesla’s turnover in the country.

CEO Mark Schreurs says the Danish EV market is not yet saturated and expects a massive increase in the number (and share) of EVs in Denmark. Following a change in vehicle taxation in 2016, EVs became less attractive in Denmark. Yet another change earlier this year has made EVs attractive again, opening the prospect for strong growth.

“MisterGreen will have a big impact on the increase of EVs in Denmark,” says Carsten Laursen, the company’s Country Manager for Denmark.

Pictured: a Tesla charging by the water in Copenhagen (credit: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Frank Jacobs