24 Jun 20

EV charging behaviours revealed by new data

New research has revealed valuable insights into EV driver behaviour in terms of charging. The analysis also highlights the elements likely to make a public charging point successful.

Tritium, the EV charging technology company, analysed data from more than 3,000 public 50kW fast chargers in 33 different countries.

The results showed that on average vehicle batteries still have 34% of their charge remaining when drivers plug them in for a fast recharge. This is earlier than most drivers of cars with internal combustion engines, suggesting that range anxiety and the risk of not finding a chargepoint remain significant issues for EV drivers. In contrast, a study from California found that 66% of drivers filled up with petrol or diesel when the fuel tank was nearly empty, and 93% refueled when the tanks was less than one-third full.

Tritium found that the average recharging session takes 26 minutes, and that the batteries take 13.5kWh during the charge, boosting their range by 70 to 90km.

Charging stations need 'entertainment'

James Kennedy, CTO and co-founder, Tritium, said: “In our experience, charging stations don’t get used as much on sites where there’s nothing to do. Therefore, outlets with fast 50kW chargers do well in places such as retail settings, where people can go in, do their shopping and come out to a recharged battery. Similarly they have great use cases for being in public garages or outside restaurants.”

He added that pressure is mounting from drivers to accelerate the recharging process, especially at former petrol stations where they want to charge and go as quickly as possible.

EV charging needs to match petrol and diesel speeds

“They want to replicate the ‘petrol pump experience’. With this we’ll soon see an increase in the deployment of ultra-fast chargers, such as those used by IONITY across Europe. Ultra-fast 175-350kW DC chargers can add up to 350kms range in a 10-minute charge so it gives the driver enough time to plug in, grab a coffee and leave after 10 minutes or less, with enough range to last a long time,” said Kennedy.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning