6 Oct 21

DKV Mobility offering low-CO2 diesel to Bosch drivers

Image of DKV Mobility staff with one of their R33 BlueDiesel pumps

Europe-based mobility services provider DKV Mobility has announced that it is offering Bosch company car drivers the more climate-friendly R33 BlueDiesel through its fuel card service.

DKV has identified the most popular filling stations that Bosch drivers use and is making the R33 BlueDiesel available through them.

R33 BlueDiesel, which complies with EN590 standards, is blended with normal diesel but consists of up to 33% renewable feedstock, which reduces CO2 emission by at least 22% compared to pure fossil diesel fuels. DKV Mobility has already converted over 1 million litres of R33 BlueDiesel since 2019 and reduced CO2 emissions by 2,600 tons.

Image of DKV Mobility founders with one of their R33 BlueDiesel pumps, courtesy of DKV Mobility.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway