20 Jun 19

Electrifying your fleet with Electriphi

Do you want to electrify your fleet, but are you not sure how to get there? No worries, Electriphi, an EV fleet and energy management company, has launched a fleet electrification planning tool. 

The tool will create customised analyses to help plan the electric transition. The tool is a self-serve web-based application allowing fleet managers to break down factors affecting operations, fuelling and infrastructure. 

The app will facilitate fleet managers to balance conflicting priorities such as vehicle charging versus fleet readiness. Therefore, the app will perform thousands of scenario simulations based on the particular characteristics of each fleet, including routes, schedules, local weather conditions and utility rate structures. The generated insights can aid in electrification planning and transition. Using the platform can result in significant savings in energy and operational costs for light-, medium- and heavy-duty electric fleets. 

Authored by: Fien Van den steen