2 Dec 21

EVBox charging stations are now available to 915.000 Chargemap customers

EVBox charging station.

Mobility operator Chargemap and charging infrastructure supplier EVBox partnered to offer easy access to 915.000 drivers across Europe. 

EV drivers can access  23.900 EVBox charging stations by using Chargemap Pass, a universal access solution allowing drivers to use most European charging networks. 

Customers can see all EVBox stations on the Chargemap application, integrate them into their routes and access them with Chargemap Pass. 

Increased EV mobility in Europe 

The collaboration in EV mobility and charging infrastructure industries is likely to trigger a synergy in Europe, helping many enterprises, including supermarket chains and parking lots, draw more customers by adapting EVBox Supervision Software. 

Providing information for more than 270.000 charging stations in Europe, Chargemap's strategy is to continue expanding the EV community by partnering with EVBox, the sector leader in the Netherlands with 21.555 charging points. Another target is Belgium, where EVBox has 1.833 charging stations. 

Photo of EVBox charging terminal, courtesy of EVBox.


Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen