1 Sep 23

Ford Pro launches two fleet-dedicated charging stations

Ford Pro Charging

To further assist in the charging management of commercial fleets, Ford Pro is launching AC and DC charging posts. With high connectivity, innovative serviceability and more insight, the Series 2 aims to reduce total ownership cost while enhancing the fleet manager’s control.

With the new charging stations, Ford Pro wants to facilitate the transition for companies switching to electric vehicles by giving them a single-minded focus. The AC station runs at 80 amps and comes equipped with the latest RFID software to better master access and raise security levels to avoid unwanted charging. It also enables fleet managers to track energy reports, analyzing kWh consumption, charging speeds and range, although they need Ford Pro’s software to gain the insight. The functionalities are also open to non-Ford vehicles.

Easier cable replacement

The AC station is ISO-15118 compatible, so it’s suited for plug-and-play, which automatically starts charging by identifying the vehicle’s VIN number. Also new is that the charging columns handle over-the-air updates.

As for hardware, Ford Pro has also looked beyond the 3-year warranty it provides on charger parts and labour. The cable and cable handles have been designed in a manner that they can be swapped in case of a defunct, so without the costly replacement of the entire unit.

To decrease downtime extensively, Ford Pro also offers a fastcharging option at either 180kW or 240kW. Both stations are available for pre-order, but prices nor delivery dates have been released officially.

Image Source: Ford Pro

Authored by: Piet Andries