28 Jul 22

Heliox and Recoy join forces to accelerate the transition to smart charging

Heliox and Recoy join forces to accelerate the transition to smart charging

Heliox, providing V2G (vehicle-to-grid) and dynamic charging technologies, and Recoy, a developer of energy flexibility solutions, have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the automotive industry’s transformation to e-mobility. 

The collaboration will integrate Heliox’s “Real-time Optimisation Platform” to Recoy’s fast-charging equipment, providing affordable charging for EV fleets, thus reducing costs. Launched in 2017, the Real-time Optimisation Platform helps companies to optimise flexible assets such as electric vehicles (EVs) and stationary batteries. 

Combining Heliox’s tailored and scalable smart energy management solutions with Recoy’s platform aims to accelerate the transition to e-mobility for OEMs, municipalities and fleets by optimising flexible energy assets and accessing renewable energies. Increased flexibility in the charging structure will also assist transmission and distribution system operators in better dealing with congestion in the electricity network. Real-Time Optimisation Platform enables remote control of EVs in a grid, eliminates congestion problems in power grids and lowers fleets' total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Michael Colijn, Group CEO of Heliox, explains one of the partnership’s goals as “unlocking the maximum value for customers in today’s volatile environment.” For Recoy, the partnership will help the Netherlands-based company become a key player in optimising DC charging infrastructure and stationary storage, providing optimum smart charging for EVs. 

Robert Kleiburg, Recoy’s Managing Director, hopes to extend their flexibility solutions in multiple countries, thus accelerating the energy transition with Heliox. 

Providing fast-charging solutions since 2009, Heliox installed one of Europe’s first and largest rapid charging networks for the e-bus fleet in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 2017. Heliox has spread the ‘model city’ energy ecosystems worldwide in the last two years, including Den Bosch, Netherlands; Glasgow, Scotland and Montgomery County, Maryland, in the US. 

The main image is courtesy of Heliox and Recoy.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen