26 Apr 22

KwikFit opens first e-mobility workshop, includes e-bikes

KwikFit opens first e-mobility workshop, includes e-bikes

KwikFit, one of Europe's leading car servicing chains, has opened its first E-service branch in Amsterdam. The garage, dedicated to the care of electric vehicles, serves as a precursor for the company's entire network of the future.

With the market for electric vehicles snowballing, KwikFit wants to adapt its servicing model by rolling out a network of dedicated workshops. The first E-service workshop is now operational in the capital of the Netherlands. No coincidence, since last year, more electrified models than combustion cars have been sold in that country.

KwikFit still calls it a concept store, although it serves as a model for its future branches. The existing network will gradually be transformed after harvesting the necessary knowledge and experience with the new stores.  

The upgrade is also a milestone for KwikFit because it welcomes new electric vehicles, including e-cargo bikes in all shapes and sizes, e-microcars and LEVs (Light Electric Vehicles). At the same time, e-bikes are part of the new customer base.

The company will open separate E-Bike Service points to serve these cyclists more efficiently. The first ones are scheduled for Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. After making appointments online, KwikFit promises to help these clients within one hour.

"For us, this is the first major step towards the e-mobility market and the garage of the future. The energy transition is in full swing and we see our role in this in e-mobility," said Martin Post, Managing Director at KwikFit.

Image source: KwikFit

Authored by: Piet Andries