12 Oct 22

LeasePlan offers Battery-as-a-Service by NIO

LeasePlan offers Battery-as-a-Service by NIO

LeasePlan is expanding its strategic partnership with EV manufacturer NIO to four more countries – Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. The partnership was launched in Norway, where LeasePlan has been offering the ES8, NIO’s flagship SUV, since September last year.

In future, LeasePlan will be offering NIO’s entire range of EVs, including the forthcoming ET5 and EL7. In this first stage of the expanded partnership, LeasePlan will offer its customers in the four additional markets the ET7 (pictured), NIO’s flagship smart electric sedan, with a 100 kWh battery and a WLTP range of up to 580 km.

The offer will be combined with NIO’s unique Battery-as-a-Service solution, which enables drivers to easily swap and upgrade the battery powering their EV. These swaps are fully automated. Swapping to a fully charged battery takes no more than a coffee break. 

“Chinese OEMs have arrived on the European market, giving the traditional brands a run for their money,” says Tex Gunning, LeasePlan’s CEO. “NIO’s next-generation tech, including battery swapping, has eliminated range anxiety for drivers.”

“Buying an EV is a big decision, and today more and more drivers would opt for subscription. We will go with this trend together with LeasePlan,” says William Li, founder and CEO of NIO.

Image: NIO

Authored by: Frank Jacobs