28 May 19

Mercedes-Benz Vans supports fleet electriction with eVan Ready App

Mercedes-Benz Vans assists customers with the selection of the right powertrain through the eVan Ready App. This application offers the opportunity to find out whether an electric van would be practically suited for the daily routes of the driver. The eVan Ready App has now been expanded with the addition of some new functions and a refreshed dashboard.

The app can be used to record the user's real routes and subsequently analyse the individual mobility characteristics. Beside the length of the driven route, further criteria such as exterior temperature, altitude profile and driven speeds are all taken into account. At the end of each analysis, an eVan Readiness Score is provided to the user which informs them whether the recorded route or series of routes would also have been possible in an electric van. This is also supplemented by information on the theoretical energy consumption.

With the update to the eVan Ready App this will be the first time that besides the eVito, the eSprinter will also be available for virtual test drives. Thanks to the possibility of selecting different payload weights, the simulation can be adapted to individual driving scenarios with even greater realism.

The eVan Ready App also offers services for all those who already drive an electric vehicle. An integrated overview of charging stations quickly and simply provides a map view of the charging infrastructure at the respective location. The function also provides information about opening times, payment methods and the operator of the charging stations.

With the new "predict" function, even more information can be acquired about the individual day-to-day suitability of electric vans. Based on the starting address and destination, “predict” uses historical traffic data and information on topography and speed limits to calculate the predicted energy consumption along the route. In line with this, the tool shows at a glance the locations along the route at which charging stations are located. Thus, longer journeys can also be comfortably and reliably planned from the comfort of one's own home or desk

The latest version of the eVan Ready App is available now for Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded free-of-charge from the corresponding app stores. Now, for the first time ever, the app is available in the local language of 24 countries.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs