20 Apr 22

Mercedes turns its all-electric EQS into a popular SUV

Mercedes turns its all-electric EQS into a popular SUV

The delay of the Beijing Auto Show, due to a new Covid uprise in China, hasn’t withheld Mercedes from its original plans. The German carmaker has taken the wraps from the EQS SUV, which, as its name declares, is a taller seven-seater version of its all-electric luxury liner.

These are the specs:

  • Three versions are available from the start; more to follow
  • The same battery pack as the saloon version of EQS
  • Range up to 660 kilometres
  • Charging at 11 (optional: 22) kW (AC) and peak of 200 kW (DC)
  • Hyperscreen combines three displays; over the air updates.

Yes, you could call it a fully electric variant of the GLS, but because the EQS SUV sits on the same underpinnings, it’s much closer acquainted with its namesake. So, the EVA2 platform provides a similar wheelbase of 3.2 metres, accomodating a battery pack of 107.8 kWh (gross: 120 kWh). Compared to its sedan sibling, the cross-over is slightly more powerful. With 265 kW, the base model 450+ gets 20 kW more than the EQS and the top model 580 4Matic pushes peak power from 385 kW to 400 kW. As a first, the base model is now also available with a four-wheel drive.

According to Mercedes, the slight power hike has nothing to do with the extra size and weight of the SUV but is simply due to optimizing the drivetrain. The saloon version will receive the same upgrade pretty soon.

Two additional passengers

Because of different aerodynamics and bodywork, the higher-riding EQS doesn’t top the record range from the EQS (784 kilometres, WLTP). Still, with up to 660 kilometres for the furthest reaching RWD version, fleet drivers won’t suffer from cold sweat in between charging sessions.     

Because of its station wagon design, the higher roofed SUV is 10 centimetres shorter than the original saloon. However, it can seat two additional passengers in the back if they’re not too tall. The side steps aren’t just for show either. A specific off-road driving mode must lend them the necessary credibility together with more ground clearance.

The inside is a familiar sight, with a fabulous glass-covered Hyperscreen combining three displays, allowing the co-driver to watch a movie blocked from view by the driver.

Electric SUVs are a sweet spot in the market. Later this year, to rival the Audi E-Tron and BMW iX Mercedes will add a second one on the EVA2 platfrom, called EQE SUV.

Image source: Mercedes

Authored by: Piet Andries