26 Feb 19

More than 200,000 electric Renaults sold in Europe

Renault proudly announced today that it has already sold more than 200,000 electric vehicles in Europe, since the introduction of the electric range of Renaults in 2011. 100,000 of those EV’s have been registered in mother country France, the fourth biggest global market.


The compact city vehicle ZOE (40,000 registrations in 2018) and the Kangoo Z.E. van are the flagship models of Renault’s European electric offensive.


With these figures, Renault claims to be the number one in electric vehicle sales in Europe for the fourth consecutive year. Almost one EV in three in Europe is a Renault, says the carmaker. In 2018, European sales figures of electric Renaults surged by 36%, and the brand holds a 56,8% share of the French electric vehicle market.


Renault’s ambition is for electric vehcilles to account for 10% of all sales by 2022. By then, the electric Renault range will count eight different vehicles.


ZOE and Kangoo ZE sales in 2018






39,448 units (18.2% market share*)

18,011 units (54.9% market share*)


8,747 units (40.9% market share**)

4,176 units (51.5% market share**)

* Electric passenger car market

** Electric LCV market


Picture: Renault

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert