17 Nov 21

MultiTankcard launches Europe-wide EV charge card

Image depicting MultiTankcard's brand neutral EV charge card

Mobility card provider MultiTankcard has developed a brand-neutral EU charging card with an accompanying app. It gives EV business drivers access to more than 250,000 charging stations across the Netherlands and abroad, the largest charging network in Europe.

Business drivers of electric cars can carry out charging sessions and have them administered without any problems in all European countries. The app offers drivers direct insight into the locations, availability and rates of charging stations. Additionally, MultiTankcard does not add surcharges or starting rates.

White labelling offered to lease cos

Patrick Roozeman, director of MultiTankcard, sees good opportunities for lease companies. “Drivers pay with the EU charge card, regardless of which brand, supplier or country they charge in. Until now, charging was often done with different card providers per country or with a credit card. Employees had to advance themselves and then declare. With our solution, you can load directly abroad at the expense of the company. The accompanying app offers full transparency in rates: the price at the pole is the price on the invoice. Leasing companies can offer the MultiTankcard EU charge card and app as an extra service to their customers, if desired in their own house style.”

The EU charge card and app work within the Netherlands, all EU countries and in Great Britain.

Image depicting MultiTankcard's brand-neutral EV charge card, courtesy of MultiTankcard.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway