30 Sep 20

New EV mileage reimbursement solution launched

Fleet fuel and mileage management specialist TMC has launched a new service to help fleets transition to electric vehicles.

TMC-e is designed to remove business uncertainty over switching to EVs, and to manage business mileage reimbursement once a driver has changed to plug-in power.

The service analyses data from TMC’s app or telematics to identify vehicles whose journey profiles are serviceable within EV ranges.

TMC-e also provides a solution for companies to reimburse drivers for electric business miles, even if employees recharge their cars at home. TMC-e can overlay domestic charging data with mileage data to calculate how much to reimburse employees for business mileage, with fleet departments able to choose between fixed mileage reimbursement rates or actual costs. 

Drivers can also pay for public charging via a TMC charge card, or use TMC’s online system to reclaim public charging costs for business miles.

Existing TMC customers using the company’s mileage capture and fuel services will benefit automatically from TMC-e.

Paul Hollick, managing director of TMC, said “Although there is a lot of desire to go electric, many companies are asking for support on where to start. We help identify where EVs will work well and provide ongoing analysis to measure their effectiveness and highlight where else EVs could be deployed. We also manage the reimbursement of domestic and public charging - giving fleets the confidence and tools to get their electric ambitions underway.”

Authored by: Jonathan Manning