1 May 19

New rescue service for EVs with flat batteries

The UK’s second-largest roadside breakdown operator, the RAC, has developed new technology n EV Boost system to recharge electric vehicles that have run out of power.

Called EV Boost, the system is a lightweight, mobile electric charger, which can be carried by a Ford Transit Custom van. The RAC is due to launch six rescue vans with the EV Boost in June, starting in the major cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester in June.

EVs with flat batteries pose a particular problem for rescue services, because the vehicles should not be towed. This means that either they have to be transported on the back on a truck, or their batteries recharged at the roadside with sufficient power to reach a public charge point.

Chris Millward, RAC head of roadside rescue innovation, said, “The real challenge was to develop a mobile EV-charger system which is compact and light enough to fit into our normal patrol vehicles without compromising on space so we can still carry all the normal parts and tools.”

The EV Boost generates its own electricity, rather than rely on power stored in battery packs, which would be heavier and occupy more space in the van.

“The number of electric vehicles on the road will grow rapidly in the next few years, in particular we are seeing increased interest and take-up from business and fleet managers, so it is critical that we have an effective mobile power source for these cars in an emergency giving EV-owners complete peace of mind,” said Millward. 

Authored by: Jonathan Manning