31 Mar 19

No more dirty hands and entangled charging cables: here’s the Tidybox


As long as wireless charging is not available, drivers of electric vehicles will have to make do with ordinary charging cables. These are not very user-friendly: they become dirty and wet, they get entangled and after a while most people just toss them in the boot without rolling them up neatly.

There must be a solution for this, Norwegian start-up Tidybox thought. Father and son Østmoen came up with a low-tech yet brilliant solution to keep your hands dirt-free, the cable nicely rolled up and the boot tidy. You can take the Tidybox from your boot, pull out the amount of cable you need and plug your car in.

After charging, just pull the cable out and “drop & roll” it in the box – something you can do singlehandedly. Watch Tobias Østmoen explain in this short video.

The box comes with a lock that attaches it to the cable so that no-one can steel it while you are charging. The retail price is 890 NOK (around €90) and you can order the box online.


Authored by: Dieter Quartier