11 Mar 16

PASSango coverage extended to Belgium and Austria in 2017

Coverage of the PASSango toll badge : On-Board-Unit (OBU) will be extended to Belgium and Austria from the beginning of 2017 as part of the new kilometer-based VIAPASS system. 

At present, the badge covers France, Spain, Portugal and the Liefkenshoek tunnel in Belgium. The scheme, run by TOTAL and its AS24 affiliate, will also be extended to the Øresund bridge (pictured), linking Denmark and Sweden, from late 2016, reports International Fleet World. 

The scheme's extension will make it easier to for customers to centralise all toll payments in Europe and to recover VAT. The Toll Badge / OBU also provides a geo-localisation service for fleet trucks, as well as numerous associated services. 

Image: Hajotthu, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs