3 Nov 21

Portable EV chargers will be available from 2022

The ZiCharge Go, portable EV charging unit

The ZipCharge Go is a portable EV charger, aimed at electric vehicle owners and operators with drivers who can’t plug-in at home or who want the peace-of-mind of having a charger with them on their journey.

Set to go on sale in 2022, the Go has enough capacity to provide an average EV with up to 20 miles of range in around 30 minutes. While charging, the unit is locked to the vehicle via the Type 2 cable. For added security, it features geofencing and device tracking. 4G support enables remote monitoring and charge scheduling.

Made from recycled plastic, can be used in all weathers

The unit is built around an aluminium space frame and recycled plastic shell, which can be personalised with a range of colours. As it’s a sealed unit, it can be used in all weathers.

ZipCharge is run by industry veterans Jonathan Carrier and Richie Sibal, who have worked in automotive electronic systems engineering and product development at automotive businesses including McLaren, JLR and Lotus.

In its current format, the Go is suitcase-sized so takes up quite a lot of luggage space and weighs a little under 25kg. 

The company has yet to confirm pricing for the Go but says it will be comparable to the cost of an installed level 2 home charge point. Alternatively, Go chargers will be available on a subscription basis from £49 (€58) per month.

Image courtesy of ZipCharge. 

Authored by: Alison Pittaway