11 Oct 22

Renault to roll out own fast-charging network in Europe

 Renault to roll out own fast-charging network in Europe

Renault has announced that it will create its propriety fast-charging network through its mobility arm Mobilize. The carmaker plans 200 charging points in Europe through collaboration with its dealer network, simultaneously offering waiting rooms with leisure and office conveniences.
As French car maker Renault is ramping up its electrification business model, the brand announced the start of deploying its own European fast-charging network. At strategically selected dealerships - no further than five minutes from nearby highways or freeways - the company will install 24/7 accessible charging points capable of peak charging at an ultra-fast 400kW.
Though arriving late on the scene, where Tesla and the consortium of five car groups Ionity already have found their niche, Renault outperforms the other players which offer 250kW and 350kW, respectively. Constructing the infrastructure from its dealer network entails substantial cost savings on property purchases.

Back-up power

Another benefit is that those dealerships will offer dedicated waiting rooms, providing beverages, workspaces, free wifi and even gaming to lift the customer experience. Mobilize will open up its 200 charging points, with six stations each, for all brands and offer its own charging card with preferential rates.
Tesla and the players involved in Ionity are only marginally experimenting with lounge concepts. The Supercharger network currently counts 875 points in Europe, where Ionity manages 336.
Renault will provide stationary storage capacity to ensure that the high output from its stations is guaranteed without suffocating the grid. These are on-site battery walls functioning as a backup.  
Image: Mobilize

Authored by: Piet Andries