12 Sep 22

Shell is to expand European charging infrastructure with Driivz

Shell is to expand European charging infrastructure with Driivz

Shell took another step towards its goal to reach over half a million charging points worldwide by 2025 by signing a deal with Driivz, a global software supplier to EV charging operators and service providers. 

Embracing a comprehensive green policy, Shell wants to reduce its CO2 emission levels by 20% by 2030 and be able to provide renewable energy for 50 million households in the same year. Additionally, Shell aims to reach 2.5 million charging points by the end of the decade, an ambitious target from the 2025 levels. 

Driivz's operating system is installed at tens of thousands of public charging points in 25 countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe, being used by over one million electric vehicles (EV) drivers. Driivz platform provides real-time monitoring of charger status and remote self-healing capabilities, helping to solve up to 80% of charger issues. Compatible with various charger types and standards, Driivz charge point operations management software will enable Shell to spread the new tech rapidly throughout Europe, supporting commercial and fleet customers to increase efficiency and achieve electrification. 

Shell will first install Driivz's operations management software as the framework for new charge points in Austria and France. Other European countries will follow suit when Shell leverages the scalability of EV and smart energy charging platforms. 

The partnership brings the opportunity of integrating the shared e-mobility and sustainability goals of Shell and Driivz, bolstering electrification and supporting climate goals. The investment also aligns with Shell's green policy, which states investing 1$ billion in new energies each year. 

Image: Shutterstock

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen