20 May 19

Sofico adds Jato's WLTP calculator

Sofico has announced that it has added WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure) look-up functionality to its Miles solution in collaboration with JATO Dynamics.


JATO’s WLTP hub, which it launched as a new development in Frankfurt in May 2017, will now be available through Miles as plug-and-play functionality. This will allow Miles users to download the new CO2 values of the latest vehicles under the new emissions testing regime.

The new WLTP test almost universally increases the CO2 rating for each vehicle tested. As the majority of European company car taxation systems are emissions linked, this increases company car drivers’ tax bills.


The JATO WLTP hub provides the CO2 values under WLTP for all models from 22 of the 30 major European automotive brands, including all optional items of specification which can affect the CO2 values. The outcome is millions of different values which, thanks to the JATO hub are now available from one source.

(Image: aa.za)

Authored by: Tim Harrup